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Denise Dzifah Ntow

Published Poet

Welcome to the official website of Denise D. Ntow. As a Poet, their mission in writing is to tell authentic stories that encourage others to connect with their deepest mental, emotional and spiritual places. Take a look through the site to find out more about their latest book of poems : Haven't I Given Everything? And their debut collection : The Caged Will Talk About The Free.

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Haven't I Given Everything?

Faith, desire, betrayal, uncertainty, and self-realization all find a mesmerizing balance in Haven’t I Given Everything? Poems, Prayers, and Reflections by Denise Dzifah Ntow. Beginning in the deep honesty of doubt, these poems show us how strength can be found through struggle, how “Murky waters breed beauty through your mess.” Unfolding a profound understanding of the transformative power of longing and loss, and woven with the cleansing energy of self-awareness, these lines get at the heart of a speaker uncovering her own agency and power in relationships. “My tears are my right of passage / I feel, therefore I am alive.” In Haven’t I Given Everything?, love is certainly the answer to every question, but it also inspires much of those doubts in a compelling loop that allows us to truly explore how to take the leap of faith that gets us to the next level, how we become “a masterpiece being shaped into a muse.” With imagery that enchants like affirmations, Ntow’s poems are brimming with lotus blossoms and winter streets, illuminating our way and reviving our faith in poetry’s ability to instruct. “When the light shines on your darkness / It can be blinding,” yet here we have a guide to show how a dynamic mind and heart can overcome the world’s obstacles, bringing an understanding for the past into harmony with hope for the future. By the end of Haven’t I Given Everything? we are ready to shine ourselves and wholly inhabit our world; “Let the spirit take up space,” Ntow instructs, and this collection lights the way.

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The Caged Will Talk About The Free

The Caged Will Talk About The Free

In The Caged Will Talk About the Free, poet Denise Dzifah Ntow shows us that the only way to escape our spiritual struggles is to push our roots downward and grow. In these poems, Ntow holds out to us a handful of seeds and the promise of flowers. How do we navigate through the pain of grief, loss, heartbreak, and racism without losing ourselves in the process? Turn inward, the poet tells us, and nurture yourself. “My soul is the soil from which my flowers grow,” she says. So she gives it water, sunlight, time, and poetry. What blooms from this is a fuller understanding of her own inner and outer beauty, that her petals are only as vibrant as her roots are deep. In these poems, faith in a higher power is inextricably intertwined with faith in the self. And the seed of both of these is love.

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Floating Flowers

I'm ready to try for you.
Dig deep and die for you.
Ready to stand by your side for you.
Because you helped me when I was down, in your deepest waters I'd be willing to drown.

Denise Dzifah Ntow

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